Country Park

Join us as we guide you around the stunning 7 Lakes and see for yourself the impact our holiday homes can have on upgrading your lifestyle.

Lakeside Bar & Restaurant

Our journey begins at the Brand Newly Refurbished Lakeside Bar and Restaurant where you are enjoying a relaxing drink on the sun terrace, if you look west you can take in the fabulous sunset over the lake. Sing and dance the night away with live acts, DJs and karaoke. Next we pass the the reception office, turning right we arrive at Lakeview, the first holiday home development at 7 Lakes. Residents of the exclusive Lakeview bases enjoy stunning views across our main watersports and fishing lake, Clearwater, as well as private fishing pegs and Jet Ski moorings.

Riverside Lake

The Riverside Development is the perfect idyll for those of you wanting to relax in complete peace and tranquility surrounded by natural woodland and wildlife. The owners on this development have the enviable position of facing west for those evening sunsets and prime frontage locations with fishing pegs. If you look round you will see that Riverside narrows to a wide channel before joining back to Clearwater. This is a truly magical location, and it’s easy to see why it has been described as ‘heaven’ by our owners.

Riverside lake is a Coarse and Matchangler’s paradise, one which they are guaranteed to fall in love with. Playing host to Carp, Pike, Eels, Trench Rudd, Perch and Roach, anglers have already enjoyed catches up to 100 lbs in a session this year. This lake is 6ft to 8ft deep with fishing pegs available around the west shore of the lake.


Clearwater Lake

Priority on Clearwater is divided to ensure everyone gets the maximum amount of enjoyment from their chosen activity. Mornings and evenings are a more tranquil affair, with windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing taking place and Jet Skis taking priority each afternoon. If fishing is your pastime of choice we challenge you to take on some of our monsters; with Carp up to 32 lbs and Pike up to 28lbs known to roam these waters. If monster hunting isn’t your thing, our lakes are also full of Tench, Rudd, Eels, Perch and Roach. The lake depths vary between 6 ft to 38ft giving the fish plenty of hiding places and we have fishing pegs all around the east shore of the lake.

As we walk down Lakeview lane we stroll under the beautiful mature trees of our natural woodland setting, arriving at the newest development at 7 Lakes – The Willows. Opposite The Willows is Fir Trees, overlooking the Fir Trees Pond. If we continue west we arrive at our premier Riverside Development on the shores of Riverside Lake. This is a truly stunning location with large west facing verandas, perfect for enjoying the warm summer evenings.

The Everglade Carp Lake

If we veer ever so slightly off the beaten track you will see Everglades Carp lake, just tucked away behind Riverside. For serious Carp anglers there is nowhere better, with pegs and stalking areas that have to be seen to be believed. The lake is set within stunning, mature woodlands and has 11 islands and number of sunkan bars, roughly 6ft to 12ft in depth. To date the Everglades Carp record is an impressive 39 lbs 10 oz.

With footpaths cutting through the foliage and an abundance of local wildlife, 7 Lakes Country Park can only be described as a nature lover’s paradise!


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